How long is bariatric sleeve surgery

There has been a rise in the popularity of bariatric sleeve surgery in recent years as a method of surgical weight loss. A small section of the stomach is removed in a minimally invasive procedure to limit food intake. How long is the recovery time after bariatric sleeve surgery, though?

A bariatric sleeve procedure can last anywhere from one to three hours, depending on the patient and the degree of difficulty involved. The procedure typically takes between one and three hours, but it can take as long as four hours. The surgeon will make several tiny incisions in the patient’s abdomen and then use a laparoscope to see inside and find the stomach. Later, the surgeon cuts out 80% of the stomach.

Patients need to factor in post-operative recovery time in addition to the actual operating room time. Although everyone heals at a different pace, most surgeries require their patients to spend at least a couple of hours in the recovery room. Complications such as excessive bleeding or infection will be closely monitored during this time.

It’s important for patients to schedule follow-up appointments with their doctors. Visits to the doctor are recommended multiple times in the first month and then every two to three months for the first year. The doctor will make sure the bariatric sleeve surgery went well and monitor the patient’s progress during these appointments.

How long is bariatric sleeve surgery typically performed? While the procedure itself may only take a few hours, the overall length of your stay in the hospital may be significantly longer. After a medical procedure, patients should schedule follow-up appointments with their doctor. If you’re thinking about having bariatric sleeve surgery, you should talk to your surgeon about how long the procedure and recovery will take.

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